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What is your time worth when you volunteer at Sus Manos Gleaners for a 2 hour session?


During our first complete year of operation with volunteers coming just on Saturday mornings we were able to process:

3 blue barrels - Mexico orphanage
5 blue barrels - Caribbean Mercy Ship Ministry
42 blue barrels - Northern Haiti Christian Mission

Since that first year, the Lord has blessed our outreach and we have been able to continue to increase our production through the generous labor of faithful volunteers and farmers!  Recently we sent off our 275th barrel of produce.  That traslates to 1.8 million meals which have been given out to those facing food insecurity worldwide. 

In March of 2022 and again in August 2022 we had the tremendous blessing to partner with Barnabas Aid in sending off 682,000 meals to Ukraine to assist directly with the relief efforts in this war torn area and especially to those whose access to food has been cut off. 

In 2022 alone we processed, packaged, and shipped over 1,000,000 meals.  We are so blessed by generous farmers and countless volunteers who make this all possible.

How much does a blue barrel hold? We conservatively estimate that each holds approximately 6,500 servings of nutrient-full fruits and veggies, and each barrel only weighs 150 pounds! 

50 blue barrels x 6,500 servings = 325,000 servings provided overseas to starving people who are being reached with the good news of the Gospel after filling their bellies with food.

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